Improving email deliverability

Our team has been working hard to improve Amplemarket and we wanted to share some new features that you might find interesting.

"How can we ensure that our emails are delivered?" is one of the main concerns we hear from our customers. When doing email sales and ramping up volume too quickly there's a probability that you might run into SPAM problems. You want to avoid this at all costs in order keep your deliverability as high as possible.

We've been thinking a lot about this problem and recently found two factors that have an important impact on email deliverability:

  1. Big spikes in email activity.
  2. Sending out emails from an email account/domain that is just used to send sales emails.

We're happy to share with you that we found solutions to both of these problems.

1. Avoid spikes in activity

The first thing you want to do is avoid spikes in your email activity - typically sending more than 400 emails in a single day (first touch + follow ups). When this happens your email provider network, such as Gmail or Outlook, will start sending your emails to SPAM due to large suspicious activity. Additionally, sending too many emails within a short timeframe increases the likelihood of multiple accounts reporting you as SPAM.

activity Figure: One day of spike activity followed by poor delivery and open rates

In order to avoid spikes in activity we built "Smart FollowUp Schedule" that evenly distributes your emails across multiple days so you avoid sending more than 400 emails in a single day. This feature is now enabled by default so you don't need to worry about anything when you are sending your email sequences.

2. Nurture your inbox by also using it for non-sales activities

Your inbox is penalized if the only activity you do is send thousands of similar sales emails on a monthly basis. This is especially true when you setup an alias email address just for your sales efforts. Thus, it's important that you use your inbox for other activities as well, i.e. exchange emails with colleagues, signup for newsletters, etc.

We created the "Amplemarket Warm Up Network" that automatically and seamlessly generates activity on your inbox. When you join this network emails will be automatically exchanged and archived with other members of the network to generate a baseline of non-sales activities.

Amplemarket Network Figure: Schematic view of the Amplemarket Warm Up Network.

We noticed that the combination of these two features allows your emails to make it safe and sound to the inbox of your prospects.

Good luck with sales!

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